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Applications of ferrous sulphate

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1.What fields are agricultural grade ferrous sulfate mainly used in?

Both ferrous sulphate mono and ferrous sulphate heptahydrate can be used as fertilizer or pesticide. As a pesticide, they can prevent and control diseases,such as wheat smut,fruit tree scar and the rotten diseases. As a fertilizer, they can remove mosses and lichens from tree trunks. Moreover, ferrous sulphate is also inorganic fertilizer,which could promote the synthesis of chlorophyll in leaves of seeding stage and improve soil PH.

2.What fields are industrial grade ferrous sulfate mainly used in?

Used as reducing agent, ferrous sulphate is mainly used to reduce chromate in cement and also be used for coagulation and purification of water, removing phosphate in urban and industrial sewage, and preventing eutrophication of water bodies.

3.What fields are feed grade ferrous sulfate mainly used in?

Feed-grade ferrous sulfate monohydrate is often used as a supplement for iron in feed, which has a good role in supplying nutritional iron to livestock, and enhances the resistance of livestock to diseases during growth.We also have feed grade ferrous sulfate monohydrate 20-60mesh feed grade.

4.What is the role of ferrous sulfate monohydrate in feed?

Iron is related to formation and maturity of red blood cell. In the bone marrow hemopoietic tissue, iron enters into erythroblast and combines with porphyrin to form protoheme, which then synthesizes hemoglobin with globulin. As one of iron supplements for feed, ferrous sulfate is closely related to hematopoietic function, transport oxygen and the process of biologic oxidation in the cells.

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